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J20 DEFENSE CAMPAIGN - Freiheit für US-Gewerkschafter*innen

Dear colleagues,
The Viennese AUGE/UG (Alternative and Green Trade Unionists/ Independent Trade Unionists) wishes to express support and solidarity with the J20 defendants. Arresting and charging peaceful protesters for exercising their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and especially the targeting of union members is extremely concerning. We demand the charges against these protesters be dropped.

As Austrians we find idea of using the Federal Riot Statute to make individual participants guilty for the actions of others particularly disturbing because the Austrian parliament is considering passing a similar law. Just as we protest against such a law in Austria, we support our colleagues in the USA who are being targeted.


Taking to the streets is labor's time-honored means of protest and we cannot allow this to be taken from any of our numbers. As your letter states, "the labor movement cannot succeed if union members are treated as criminals when protesting anti-union and anti-worker politicians and their policies."

We have informed our supporters via of our weekly newsletter.

Please add our name AUGE/UG Vienna (Alternative und Grüne GewerkschafterInnen/ Unabhängige GewerkschafterInnen) to

Best wishes,

Klaudia Paiha